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Red Leaf are:


James Barr - Lead Vocals/Keys

Anthony Hawkins - Lead Guitar/Vocals


Mike Lawrence - Bass Guitar/Vocals

Edu Ziani - Drums/Vocals

(And behind the scenes, Terry Martin!)



TEAM Management 07902 849150

We'd like to say thanks to our fantastic management team at TEAM Management,  who help with bookings and so many other things!


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Red Leaf are a four piece band, playing an eclectic mixture of diverse covers.

Red Leaf have a unique sound and their style isn’t set in concrete as they don’t believe in pigeon-holing into any one genre; “Music is music, it’s about connection with the soul”.

Each member of Red Leaf brings their own style, technique and influence into the fray, which all help shape the Red Leaf sound.

Always concentrating on perfecting their set, Red Leaf are determined to enthrall audiences and keep people entertained, building upon the foundations laid by the original Red Leaf founders nearly two decades ago.


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